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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

About My Self - By Abhinethri...

Madhu Babu (Actual Name: Valluru Madhusudana Rao - Retired Head Master of a School at Hanuman Junction, Near Vijayawada) is one of the most popular telugu detective novelists.

Date of Birth : 6th July, 1948
Started writing in the year 1971

His detective novels revolutionized the Telugu detective literature and his characters Shadow, Gangaram, Srikar, Mukesh, Bindu, Kulakarni, CaptainVasu etc., became house hold names of Telugu people. In particular people during 1970-1990's found their destination in fiction novels by Madhu Babu.

He has also written and still writing serials in Telugu weekly Swathi.

The hero of his detectives 'Shadow', has left an indelible impression among his readers. Many readers were educated by Madhu Babu’s intimate description of the geography, the lifestyles of various countries and remote regions, though fictitious. This trendsetter in Telugu detective novels mesmerized his readers and made them feel like they were watching a movie while reading his novels.

After getting popular with his detective literature, he started writing books with "Detectives Vathsava" and his partner cum friend "Shyam Sunder" as the main protagonist. He also wrote different novels without his famous detectives, some of them taking ancient backdrop and some leading to completely different fantasy worlds.

He worked as a head master in Hanuman Junction in Krishna district for a long time and was retired recently. Presently, this writer has turned to Television and films.

Some of his works:

  1. A Bullet for Shadow
  2. A Devil A Spy (Three Parts)
  3. Angel of Death (Two Parts)
  4. Assault on Shadow (Two Parts)
  5. Assignment Love Bird
  6. Assignment Karachi (Two Parts)
  7. A Journey to Hell
  8. A Minute in Hell
  9. Baba
  10. Badmaash
  11. Banjay
  12. Bholasankar (Two Parts)
  13. Bloody Border
  14. Blood Hound
  15. Bombing Squad
  16. Brain Washers
  17. Broken Revolver
  18. Buffalo Hunters
  19. Burma Doll
  20. Carnival for Killers
  21. Chinese Beauty
  22. Chinese Mask
  23. Chinese Puzzle
  24. Chichchara Pidugu
  25. Commander Shadow
  26. Counterfeit Killers
  27. C.I.D Shadow
  28. Dagger of Shadow
  29. Dangerous Diabolic (Two Parts)
  30. Dangerous Game (Two Parts)
  31. Deadly Spy
  32. Dear Shadow
  33. Death in the Jungle (Two Parts)
  34. Devils in Nicobar
  35. Dirty Devil
  36. Dr. Shadow
  37. Dr. Zero
  38. Dual at Double Run
  39. Dynamite Dora
  40. Fighting Four
  41. Fist of Shadow
  42. Flying Bomb
  43. Flying Horse
  44. Flying Falcon
  45. Golden Robe
  46. Grenade Group
  47. Gunfight in Greenland
  48. Guns in the Night
  49. Horrors Of Darkness
  50. Inspector Shadow
  51. Jaguar Jaswanth
  52. Junior Agent Sreekar
  53. Kaalakanya
  54. Kaalanaagu
  55. Kaalikaalayam (Three parts. Kalyana Tilakam and Kankala Loya are the next parts)
  56. Kalyaana Tilakam
  57. Kankaala Loya
  58. Kendo Warrior
  59. Kill Quick or Die
  60. Kill Them Mr. Shadow
  61. Killers Gang
  62. Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
  63. License to Kill
  64. Madhu Malini
  65. Meranaam Rajulla
  66. Mid Night Adventure (Two Parts)
  67. Mid Night Plus One (Two Parts)
  68. Mission to Pecking
  69. Murdering Devils
  70. Never Love A Spy
  71. NightWalker
  72. Number 28
  73. Once Again Shadow
  74. Operation Arizona
  75. Operation Bengal Tiger
  76. Operation Counter Spy
  77. Operation Double Cross
  78. Operation Kabul
  79. Please Help Me
  80. Professor Shadow
  81. Red Shadow
  82. Revenge Revenge
  83. Run Shadow Run
  84. Run for the Boarder
  85. Run for the Highlands
  86. Scientist Shadow
  87. Scientist Miss Madhuri
  88. Secret Agent Mr. Shadow
  89. Seventh Killer
  90. Shadow in Baghdad
  91. Shadow in Borneo
  92. Shadow in Hyderabad
  93. Shadow in the Jungle
  94. Shadow in Cochin
  95. Shadow in Japan
  96. Shadow in Sikkim
  97. Shadow in Thailand
  98. Shadow The Avenger
  99. Shadow!
  100. Shadow! Shadow!!
  101. Shadow! Shadow!! Shadow!!!
  102. Shadow the Spy King
  103. Shadow Vosthunnadu Jaagrattha
  104. Silver King
  105. Spider Web
  106. Taste For Death
  107. Temple of Death
  108. Ten Against Shadow (Two Parts)
  109. Terra 205 (Two Parts)
  110. Terror Island
  111. The Curse of Kung Fu
  112. The Girl From C.I.B.
  113. The Killer From C.I.B.
  114. Tiger Munna
  115. Time for Love
  116. To Shadow with Love
  117. Trouble Makers
  118. Two Miles to the Boarder
  119. Viplavam Vardhillali
  120. Wanted Dead or Alive
  121. Who are you
  122. Yamudu
  1. Aananda Jyothi
  2. Aarthi
  3. Aparichithudu
  4. Athanu
  5. Bairaagi
  6. Bhavani
  7. Bomma
  8. Crime Corner
  9. Chakra Theerdham
  10. Death Warrant
  11. Down Street Mystery
  12. Final Warning
  13. Finishing Touch
  14. Gharshana
  15. Hechcharika
  16. Jwaalaamukhi
  17. Kankana Rahasyam
  18. Machchala Gurram (Folklore)
  19. Nandini
  20. Paamu
  21. Puli Madugu
  22. Rahasyam
  23. Rudraani
  24. Red Alert
  25. Red Silver
  26. Rudra Bhoomi
  27. Saalabhanjika
  28. Saadhana
  29. Siksha (Two Parts)
  30. Spandana
  31. Sankar Dada (Two parts)
  32. Sravani
  33. Swarna Khadgam (Two parts)
  34. Tiger Vathsava
  35. Time Bomb
  36. Top Secret
  37. Top Ten
  38. Touch Me Not
  39. Two in One
  40. Vennela Madugu
  41. Virgin Island
  42. Viswa Prayathnam
  43. DONGA...DONGA...DONGA (Shadow)
TV Serials
  1. Chakra Theerdham (ETV)
  2. Kaalikaalayam (Gemini TV)
  3. Shankar Dada (Under Production)
  4. Siksha (Under Production)
Currently he is writing 'Veerabhadra Reddy (Historical)' for Swathi Weekly.


MVM said...

Regards to the ultimate writer

SKN said...

I am a fan of yours

Unknown said...

Thank you very much sir, finally I got a complete list of your shadow novels.. you're there in our heart.. echoing the heroic thoughts in the form your novel protagonists.. thanking you very much sir...

with regards..
Chandramouli M

వేణు said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
వేణు said...

మధుబాబు గారూ!
మీరు బ్లాగు ప్రారంభించినందుకు సంతోషం. దీనిలో మీ రచనల జాబితా ఇవ్వటం బావుంది. అయితే ఈ సమాచారం తెలుగులో ఇస్తే పాఠకులూ, మీ అభిమానులూ ఇంకా చాలా సంతోషిస్తారు. ఏ టూ జడ్ క్రమం కాకుండా కాలక్రమానుసారం (రచనల పక్కన వాటి రచనా కాలం ఇస్తూ) అదే వరుసలో ఇవ్వాలని నా సూచన.

Unknown said...

could some one tell me whts the nameof the novel, whre the novel start in nellore ,hero will be in exile out of his native,he works with heroines chinnanna who owns a garage & novel plotted around in rayalaseema region... i read it long back unable to recall the novel name. thnx a million

Krishna said...


I dont see much activity, though I find your serial coming in the Swathi weekly regularly. Hope things are well and you are doing great


Nimmaraju Soma Sunder Rao said...

Hello Sir Bagunnara

Sir Please Cheppandi Naku Shadow in Japan Novel Yekkada Dorukuthundi Pls Answer Me Sir

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