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Friday, October 8, 2010

Operation Double Cross - 1 'Read Online'

Operation Double Cross-1


Truely said...

Sir, In my childhood I am a big fan of your books. Shadow is my hero

raghavendra varma said...

మధుబాబు గారు..! నేను మరియు మా కుటుంబం మొత్తం మీ నవలలకు అభిమానులం.. నాకు షాడో నవలలు అంటే ప్రాణం.. మా కోసం కనీసం ఇంకో 100 షాడో నవలలు రాయండి.. అవి మీరు మాత్రమే రాయగలరు. మీకు అంతా మంచే జరగాలి..

ramareddy said...

im 23 year old guy now..but naku ooha telisaka naku telsina first superhero "SHADOW"..what a narration sir...i storngly wish to move into direction field now..if u could permit me..i will defntiely make a shadow series movies...will u give me permission ....thanq very much for such a tremondous block buster sherlock holmes "SHADOW" has no end...plz continue shadow novels for this generation...
u r my all time favourite writer...
how can we thnq sor for giving us such kin of novels....we can only bow down to ur feet for ur novels.....
The one and only top adventurous writer.."SHADOW"madhubabu.....keep rocking sir...
please reply to ur young fan if possible for u ....take care sir...

Rams said...

Dear Sir,

Where can i find the following books of your work. Do u have a copy ? When u will publish those again ?

•A Bullet for Shadow
•A Devil A Spy (Three Parts)
•Assignment Love Bird
•Assignment Karachi (Two Parts)
•A Journey to Hell
•Bloody Border
•Bombing Squad
•Broken Revolver
•Carnival for Killers
•Chinese Beauty
•Chinese Puzzle
•C.I.D Shadow
•Dangerous Diabolic (Two Parts)
•Dangerous Game (Two Parts)
•Deadly Spy
•Death in the Jungle (Two Parts)
•Devils in Nicobar
•Dirty Devil
•Dr. Zero
•Dual at Double Run
•Flying Bomb
•Flying Horse
•Flying Falcon
•Gunfight in Greenland
•Inspector Shadow
•Jaguar Jaswanth
•Junior Agent Sreekar
•Kill Quick or Die
•Kill Them Mr. Shadow
•Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
•Meranaam Rajulla
•Mission to Pecking
•Murdering Devils
•Never Love A Spy
•Operation Arizona
•Operation Counter Spy
•Operation Double Cross
•Please Help Me
•Professor Shadow
•Revenge Revenge
•Run Shadow Run
•Run for the Highlands
•Scientist Shadow
•Scientist Miss Madhuri
•Secret Agent Mr. Shadow
•Shadow in Borneo
•Shadow in Hyderabad
•Shadow in the Jungle
•Shadow in Cochin
•Shadow in Japan
•Shadow in Sikkim
•Shadow in Thailand
•Shadow the Spy King
•Shadow Vosthunnadu Jaagrattha
•Silver King
•Terror Island
•The Girl From C.I.B.
•The Killer From C.I.B.
•Tiger Munna
•To Shadow with Love
•Two Miles to the Boarder
•Viplavam Vardhillali
•Who are you


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