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Saturday, May 7, 2011

'Bholasankar - 1' by Madhubabu


Krishna said...

Dear Sir,

I am surprised why your novels have not been made into James Bond type movies- Your novels offer better material and nativity. The wannabe "shadow' film maker will have only trouble- getting the right person act Shadow.

The figure "Shadow" of your novels is as unique as Sherlock Holmes and only better. And just like Holmes, Shadow is addicting. Recently I visited the book stall at Central Bust Stand, Hyderabad where I found a lot of fresh prints of your books. I was quite happy because I could buy a few copied that I didnt have, and it is some time since I have seen so many of them at one place.

Thank you again for posting the Scribd versions of your novels for online readers. I quite enjoyed the comeback of 'Shadow"


prabhu said...

Namasthe Madhubabu gaaru.

i am die hard fan for you from years.

can you name the book in which shadow fights with ninja thieves and also fujishan.

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