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Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Online Books...

Athanu - అతను

Ananda Jyothi - ఆనందజ్యోతి

A Minute in Hell - మినట్ ఇన్ హెల్

Wanted Dead or Alive - వాంటెడ్ డెడ్ ఆర్ అలైవ్

Touch Me Not - టచ్ మీ నాట్

Terror Island - టెర్రర్ ఐలండ్

Shadow in Baghdad - షాడో ఇన్ బాగ్దాద్

Shadow! - షాడో !

Once Again Shadow - వన్స్ అగైన్ షాడో

Number 28 - నెంబర్ 28

Mission to Pecking - మిషన్ టు పెకింగ్

Killers Gang - కిల్లర్స్ గ్యాంగ్

Kalyana Thilakam (Kaalikaalayam - Part 3) - కళ్యాణ తిలకం (కాళికాలయం - Part 3)

Flying Horse - ఫ్లయింగ్ హార్స్

Fighting Four - ఫైటింగ్ ఫోర్

Doctor Shadow - డాక్టర్ షాడో

Burma Doll - బర్మా డాల్

Banzay - బంజాయ్

Assault on Shadow - అస్సాల్ట్ ఆన్ షాడో


Praveen Rangineni said...

థాంక్సండి.ఎపుడో ఇంటర్మీడియట్ లో చదివినవి,భలే కలెక్ట్ చేశారు.

వేణు said...

మధుబాబు గారూ! మీ చక్కటి బ్లాగులో మీకూ, మాకూ మధ్య అడ్డుగోడల్లా ఈ అడ్వర్టైజ్మెంట్లు ఎందుకు చెప్పండి? అలాగే పాఠకుల సౌకర్యార్థం వర్డ్ వెరిఫికేషన్ తీసెయ్యండి.

సూర్యుడు said...

Thank you very much, sir

Where can we get Shadow in Japan online. I used have its hard copy but lost it.


jamesbond777 said...

ur novels are superb and awesome....
we like u so much........

Unknown said...

If someone who loved Shadow 2 decades ago reads his adventures today after a long gap and lot of growing up, will he enjoy the books?

I was curious to find out. So I bought a Shadow novel last week from a book exhibition in Kukatpally.

I was a fan of Shadow when I was in school / college. Between then and now, I read great Telugu books, of old and new writers - I read English - fiction and non-fiction - will I like Shadow today?

I read one book and then bought another 10. I downloaded more. I have become a bigger fan of Shadow now than ever.

Your imagination and narration are world class. Shadow is the best.

Your pen should never stop writing.


Unknown said...

Helo sir I heard about SHADOW by my mother, I get it downloaded from this blog...I feel sory to say that nearly 10 pages are missing. I wish to read the complete book..I request u to tell me where can I get the full book without any missings???? please let me know sir...

Unknown said...


jamesbond777 said...

నమస్కారమండి గురువు గారు,
ఆపరేషన్ డబల్ క్రాస్ రాపిడ్ షేర్ నుంచి తీసేసినట్లు మెసేజ్ వస్తున్నది ,
నేను చాల చోట్ల అన్వేషించాను దొరుకుతుందేమోనని
కానీ నా అదృష్టం అనుకూలించట్లేదు,
కొంచెం ఆ పుస్తకం చదివే అదృష్టాన్ని కలిగించండి .

kanapadani aa nalugo simham ra voter said...

Thanks a lot guruji for sharing Operation double cross

Unknown said...

i was thrilled on seeing your photo. it was a long time dream to see you. it is fulfilled now.Thank you very much for the links.though i have read most of them during my childhood days i am again reading them. never boring and never tiring. i always wonder as to how you get such ideas. i always feel as if i am in pakistan, china, bangladesh etc. while reading the adventures. Hats off Sir. keep going.

Unknown said...

Madhubabu garu, I am really amazed of the knowledge you have. These days, it is easy to get any information about a country, its geography, tradition and other details. But you had written a lot about such details 20 years back. I really appreciate the pain you have taken in writing those novels.



manu said...

Madhubabu sir, your novels are superb. Thanks
alot for u and your publications. please tell me about the book of Shadow when he is in childhood and the situations to turn him into that.

Venkatesh Ravulapati said...

Madhubabu Sir,I'm very thankful to you sir, because of these shadow novels i can feel some relaxation from my stress and control my thoughts and also these novels are inspired me a lot,My father and my mother and all my family members also read your novels very interestingly sir... we all are very thankful to you sir, god bless you and god bless my dear sweet shadow sir..

pratap said...

sir where I get Red Shadow 1&2

reddyp28 said...


manu said...

iam a great fan of u,from the age of 15 iam studying ur novels,u know ur action hero shadow is my favourite,that much i inspired by ur novels...feel good c ur photo.thanks sir

Srikanth K V K said...

భోళాశంకర్ నుంచి షాడో నా Super Star, Mega star అన్నీనూ..
నా Intermediate వరకు చదివిన ఆ పుస్తకాలు, షాడో నా mind లో fix అయిపోయాయి. మళ్ళీ ఇన్నాళ్ళ తర్వాత ..అదీ షాడో సృష్టికర్త own blog లో...Thanks alot గురువుగారూ..

lucky......... said...

Madhubabu gariki Hrudhaya purvaka namaskaramulu,

My name is kavya.I am from ONGOLE,Prakasam dist My mother is a great fan of you.

I am also fan of you sir!
I am reading shadow books But my dad said " unfortunately all the books are not available in the market", I am so sad when i heard that But I am happy that seeing you in the blog ...And I am so surprised sir.

I am humbly requesting You

I want all the book to read sir!

Could YOU please tel me where I will get all the SHADOW SHADOW books...............

please please

Thammi Raju Pantham said...

Dear sir, I had many of your shadow books except some books, recently I trying my level best to get it, can you advice me to collect those missing books any where?
Please show me the way to get the books for my shadow library.
Thanking you sir,

Unknown said...

i have dispointed to shadow name...shadow is brand,,,but not a movie director maher is asking madhu babu?????

Unknown said...

మన మధు బాబు గారీ నవోల్స్ చాల కాపీ అవుతున్నయి...ఇప్పుడు షాడో అన్న పేరు కూడా కాపీ అవుతుందీ ...షాడో సినిమా డైరెక్టర్ మధుబాబు గారీ పర్మిమీషన్ తీసుకుంట్ బావుండీదే ...

Unknown said...

Sir i am unable to find anywhere your complete list of novels yearwise.could you please post them

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